In the picture below, what are the weird symbols over the switches? I've circled or pointed to them with red.

enter image description here

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The dashed line represents a mechanical instead of electrical connection.

On a push button like s2 s3 s4 it's a redundant symbol.

S1 is a Emergency Stop NC Turn Reset type switch. It needs to be twisted to reset if pushed. The dash line, the z bar, and the dip represent this.

The D represents the mushroom head of the switch.

The Z is the twist action. If it was a ] bracket it would be a pull to reset. [ would be pushed to reset. There is also switches with key reset, represented by a keyhole.

Unsure what the block represents.

The V notch is the latching.

And Normally Connected switch symbol is because it is closed when not pushed.


Try these: -

enter image description here

There are more explanations on the site where I took the image.

  • S1 is a latching rotary activated switch
  • S2 is a momentary action push-button (normally open)
  • S3 is same as S2
  • S4 is same as S2 but normally closed

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