I'm new to BLE and have been reading on BLE mesh and it seems perfect for my application.

I have multiple HM-10 modules and I'm able to send/receive data using a simple Arduino connection and a BLE scanner app on my Android.

However, I want to step up and build a BLE mesh network. I've looked online but I can't find any resources on how to use these HM-10 modules as mesh nodes. What is the best way to start working on this? How do I implement the BLE mesh stack on an HM-10?


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As far as I know, you can't.

Bluetooth Mesh was released in 2017, four years after your module was made. It is highly unlikely that your module includes any mesh capability.

It is based on the CC2540 chip from Texas Instruments, a pretty limited 8051-based microcontroller released in 2010, so even if you reflash your module with custom code it's probably not possible to add mesh support.


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