I need help in identifying this smd Ic, which is a 6 pin smd package (most probably 1-3 watts led driver).

I have searched the smd marking sites:



but the package is sot23-6 but i cant find similar one.

Ic image in first circuit ( marked J5CVC )

enter image description here

Ic image in second circuit ( marked J5EDE )

enter image description here

In some circuits its marked J5CTB also.


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Possibly the Silergy Corp SM8102A 18V DC-DC Step-Down Regulator.

It's in a SOT23-6 package with a pinout that seems to reasonably match the circuit you show (capacitor from BS to LX, resistor network on FB pin, GND to big plane). The marking is a 5 digit number with the first two being J5 and the latter three digits being a date code which would explain why it varies between boards.

SM8102 Pinout and marking

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