I am trying to follow along with a thesis project block diagram but I am fundamentally confused as to how they have implemented the circuit.

enter image description here The above circuit is a delta-sigma modulator but more specifically, I am looking at how they have implemented the coefficients (b,c,g) of the "Analog loop filter" section. The circuit implementation is the following

enter image description here

where Rb = R/b, Rc = R/c, and Rg = R/g. R is some unit resistance. I am having trouble understanding why it is possible to implement the coefficients in the block diagram as a resistor with this specific value of R/coefficient and why we can represent the coefficients as resistors in the first place? Could someone explain why this is the case?

The thesis I'm referencing can be downloaded here: https://dspace.mit.edu/bitstream/handle/1721.1/87939/880166778-MIT.pdf;sequence=2



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