This NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q development board comes with a demo project that blinks the LEDs at different rates. One LED blinks at the time and as I press the user button the on LED changes. It goes from red/fast to yellow/medium then to green/slow. The documentation for the board (UM2408) says:

The software demonstration and the several software examples, that allow the user to use the Nucleo features, are available at the www.st.com/stm32nucleo web page.

I can not find the demo project in that page. I downloaded and installed STM32CubeIDE which downloaded a built-in version of STM32CubeMX and I think STM32CubeH7. I can see in STM32CubeIDE that I can choose examples for this board, when I make a new project, but none of them seem to be the preloaded project that blinks the LEDs at different rates.

Does anyone know where I can find this example?



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STM tech support point me to the source code. Here is the link in case someone is interested:



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