I need to use two line drivers for the communication between two PCBs. I am currently using MAX3081 from Analog and this is what I see in the datasheet:

pin configuration and typical full-duplex operating circuit

Image Source: Analog - MAX3080-MAX3089 datasheet

Now my doubt is about the pins Y, Z, A, B. They are:¨

  • Y: Non inverting driver output
  • Z: Inverting driver output
  • A: Non inverting receiver input
  • B: Inverting receiver input

For proper connection between the two integrated circuit (IC1 and IC2), should I cross them and connect as following?

  • Y(IC1) -> A(IC2)
  • Z(IC1) -> B(IC2)
  • A(IC1) -> Y(IC2)
  • B(IC1) -> Z(IC2)

Or did I get it wrong? Thank you!


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You should connect them as shown in the image. Your connections are correct.

(Cross between the driver and receiver, but do not cross the non-inverting and inverting signals.)


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