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I've got an 8 pin DFN-8 package I can't seem to identify. Things I know:

  1. Its a DFN-8 2mmx2mm
  2. Its got a large pad underneath
  3. Pins 2 and 5 are connected to the GND on the micro-usb connector on the other side of the board as well as the middle pad.
  4. The resistor between pins 1 and 3 is 100kohm.
  5. The resistor between pin 6 and the rest of the circuit is 100kohm.
  6. Pins 4 and 7 are not connected and are floating.
  7. Its marked "DAS"

Its either a gate driver, LDO, or some sort of specialized power-on controller. I think it might be made by on-semi, but I'm not able to find anything that matches.

The 6 pin component to its immediate left is a TSSOP-6 or SOT-363 with the markings "KPE". My research turns up a Toshiba P-FET SSM6J402TU.

This is out of a Sony product, and as such, everything seems to be Japanese in origin (at least company ownership).


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The markings and connections match with a Texas Instruments BQ24308DSGR Protection IC. enter image description here enter image description here

It's hard to tell from the blurry picture, but I think the style of the markings matches as well: enter image description here

(Source: lcsc.com)


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