This is the circuit:Provided circuit

Here's what I have done:

  • I converted the part before the input of the two-port network (1 capacitor and 2 resistors) into another two-port network and derived the transmission parameters: $$[T_1]=\begin{bmatrix}1+\frac{1}{sCR}&-(R+\frac{2}{sC})\\\\\frac{1}{R}&2\end{bmatrix}$$
  • I also converted the hybrid parameters of the second two-port to transmission: $$[T_2]=\begin{bmatrix}0&0 \\\\ 0&\frac{-1}{a}\end{bmatrix}$$
  • As the two-ports are cascaded with each other, the transmission paramaters for the overall network is: $$[T]=[T_1][T_2]=\begin{bmatrix}0&\frac{1}{a}(R+\frac{2}{sC})\\\\0&\frac{-2}{a}\end{bmatrix}$$
  • Notice that \$T_{11}\$ is the inverse of what needed to be found, therefore: $$\frac{U_2}{U_1}\mid_{I_2=0} = \frac{1}{T_{11}} = \frac{1}{0} = \infty$$

I'm not sure if my answer is valid. If not, please tell me where I got wrong. Thank you.



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