I'm using a Würth Elektronik 7498210220A jack (datasheet) and I need to add ESD protection to TD and RD lines of this Ethernet connector (with integrated magnetics).

Application of this Ethernet adapter is industrial.

I've found these products below.

Question: What advantages and disadvantages do these different layouts have?

Semtech RCLAMP3354S.TCT (details)

Semtech RClamp3354S pinout

Image source: Semtech RClamp3354S datasheet

Semtech RCLAMP2502L.TBT (details)

Semtech RClamp2502L pinout

Image source: Semtech RClamp2502L datasheet

Semtech RCLAMP3374N.TCT (details)

Semtech RClamp3374N pinout

Image source: Semtech RClamp3374N datasheet

Littelfuse SLVU2.8-4BTG (details)

Littelfuse SLVU2.8-4BTG pinout

Image source: Littelfuse SLVU2.8-4BTG datasheet

  • \$\begingroup\$ All but the last one limit to a certain voltage wrt ground, whereas the last one only limits differential voltage between two pins, so you'd have to connect ground to 4 pins. \$\endgroup\$
    – tobalt
    Sep 6 at 5:32


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