The .equ directive is used to make constants:

.equ PERIPH_BASE, 0x40000000

This directive supports some operands like add, substruct or even shift:

.equ APB2PERIPH_BASE, (PERIPH_BASE + 0x00010000)
.equ GPIO_PIN_15,     (0x00000001 << 15)

I need to invert the value so I tried this:

.equ GPIO_PIN_15_INV,      (~GPIO_PIN_15)

In the disassembly window in the SMT32Cube IDE I see that my instruction


Changes to

08000166: orrs.w r0, r5, #32768  ; 0x8000

In other words, the value of GPIO_PIN_15 doesn't invert.

Is it possible to make an inverted constant with .equ? If yes, how? Where can I read about this possibility?


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There are multiple way how to replace negation by other operations. One of them (in my opinion the easiest one) is XOR with full one pattern:

.equ GPIO_PIN_15_INV,      (GPIO_PIN_15 ^ 0xFFFF)

Test it yourself: https://godbolt.org/z/nKK4c8Wsf

Side notice: with 0xFFFFFFFF it will not work because ARM assembly is unable to encode 32-bit constants in the instruction word (which is 16 or 32-bit wide, so there is no space for such large constants).


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