I can't figure out the EMI part of the datasheet for the PAM8403 chip. Which ferrite beads should I use for amplifier output? Does anyone know any specific models of ferrite beads? This is what the datasheet says

Most applications require a ferrite bead filter as shown in Figure 2. The ferrite filter reduces EMI of around 1 MHz and higher. When selecting a ferrite bead, choose one with high impedance at high frequencies, and low impedance at low frequencies.

PAM8403 Datasheehttps://www.elecrow.com/download/PAM8403-datasheet.pdf


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The PAM8403H-EV Board User Guide has some part numbers:

enter image description here

Diodes Incorporated PAM8403 is the Wurth page which has a link to the spec sheet the suggested ferrite beads.

As well as the ferrite beads shown in the EMI part of the datasheet for the PAM8403 chip, the PAM8403H-EV Board User Guide also shows some 1 nF capacitors as part of the EMI filter.

While I haven't designed a product which uses a PAM8403, the manufacturer's reference designs for ICs are usually a good starting point for supporting components.


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