Hi I've done some dev using AVR's.

I'd really like to use the arduino but continue using atmel tools.

Is this straightforward?

Is there a converter that I can use my 910 programmer with? I think it's a 10 pin connector


I'm pretty sure that you can. All the schematics for the AVR910 programmer that I have found show it with a 6 pin interface.

10 Pin to 6 Pin Converter

A converter ought to do it. Some programmers come with both interfaces, for instance the Adafruit Attiny USB programmer. Loooking at its schematic, I can see that the 10 pin programmer has the same connections on it as the 6 pin, just a few not connected pins. I assume that the 10 pin connectors pinout is standardised. You of course could convert it yourself or build a similar converter as above without too much difficulty.

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