I was installing a dash camera into a vehicle and didn't realize the input voltage for the camera was only 5 V instead of the 12 V I obtained from the car. Once plugged in the camera let out the magic blue smoke and it wouldn't turn on again. I proceeded to open the camera and inspect all areas of the circuit board for any signs of damage and this was the only area I could see had an issue.

I have tried looking for this code on these lookup sites using the code on the chip, but I wasn't able to identify in order to replace it:


If anyone is able to help I would appreciate it as I would still like to use this camera if possible, since it is still good as far as i can tell.

Undamaged nearby SMD component having the same identification code: Undamaged nearby SMD component having the same identification code

Damaged component: Damaged component


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It's a Richtek RT8059 step-down converter.

enter image description here

enter image description here

(Source: lcsc.com)


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