I've successfully built a VCO using an LM13700 OTA. The circuit generates square and triangle wave. I wonder if I can add a couple of diodes and a potentiometer to be able to skew between triangle-ramp/saw and change the duty cycle of the square wave? Is it that simple?


The second schematics gives you an idea of what I meant. It's a similar circuit realised with op amps. op amp oscillator

Any idea would be very much appreciated!


I googled "LM13700 VCO" and the top answer was the pdf file which contained: -

enter image description here

Figure 37 should help and figure 38 is for a sinewave. Note that if this is to be part of a synthesizer project you'll need octave / volt tuning and not linear tuning as per your design and TI/Nat semi design.


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