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After a look in deep in the switching curves of the gates, and I am wondering if switching is acceptable for work MOSFET in SPWM H bridge LF inverter. I would like your general opinion on all points and your suggestion for some improvement. Choice 1:Totem pole outputs directly at 6,8 r. enter image description here Choice 2:I add a 1 ohm resistor and bypass diode at totem pole output for slow down the falls and result is this: enter image description here With the 2 choice the rise here became like this:enter image description here Details of the system:

  • No iron step up transformer is connected yet (for H bridge testing reasons).

  • Dead time is at 1 μs (for test reasons the plan is to decrease at 500ns if switching speed will allows that).

  • Driver IC IR2113S. (From egs002 module)

  • Totem pole gate driver amplifier 7 A with complementary MOSFETs (photo attached)

  • Power MOSFETs FDH055N15A (6 in parallel).

  • Rg is 6.8 Ω (for each MOSFET).

  • Rgs is 33 kΩ (for each MOSFET).

  • I use antiparallel diodes for each one.

  • V drive at 16,5 V

  • SPWM signal output speed after IR2113 is about 70 ns rise and falls at the totem pole input.

  • H bridge voltage bus is 60 V. (work from 45 to 60 V range)

In the photo I upload we see the high side MOSFET gate curve without any load at H bridge.

The oscilloscope at photo shows clearly the times and voltages.

The ask is:

  1. What is the best choice to choose for better efficiency and safety at switching between the two?

  2. Is this switching speeds ok to work on 60 V, and pass 30-40 A at each MOSFET?

Thank you in advance!

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