I'm looking for open source software for modelling electronic circuits.

I have tried Arduino, Electric, Oregano, Fritzing, and QUCS so far. None of these seem to do what I want. I am looking for something like the Crocodile Clips software I was using some fifteen years ago.

I want to be able to simulate interactively in real time, with LEDs flashing on and off while I can push buttons and slide potentiometers around.

The aforementioned software seems to either not do simulation of this kind, or I haven't been able to find all the components I need (only basic stuff like NPNs, inductors, 555s).

Oh, an it ideally should run on Linux. I'm trying to run Crocodile Clips under Wine -- it's basically exactly what I want -- but it's highly unstable.

Can you recommend an alternative?


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very good educative circuit simulator: http://www.falstad.com/circuit/

Written in Java so you can run it on Linux


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