More details from the motor casing:

  • Electrocraft
  • Model: E19-2
  • Serial: A01314
  • Part #: 0643-08-013

It looks like it was made by Robbins Myers Motor & Control Systems Division.

In case anyone is wondering, this motor comes from inside of a PUMA 560 robotic arm.

It also has an encoder/potentiometer attached to it which I am interested in getting datasheets for as well:

  • esoline (? it's actually kind of hard to read the first character on the label) encoder.
  • Type: P.4201717
  • S. No.: 70754086
  • 7223C30903

Any help in finding datasheets, or at the very least pinouts for either of these would be much appreciated.



I have the catalogue specs on 0643-31-011 & 0643-32-011 models, these were the 0643 off-the-shelf models and I believe the other numbers are special order and may have been just different mounts or shaft size etc.

I will post them here in case someone has the same question in the future. Of the two models, one show the specs in oz-in and the other in lb-in, but converted they appear to be close to the same. 0643-33-004
continuous stall 155 oz-in
pk torque 720 oz-in
max terminal voltage 60
max speed 4800 rpm
inertia .0304 oz-in-sec^
Kt 16.8 oz-in/amp
Ke 12.4 v/krpm
max pulse current 43 amp
Inductance .5mH

continuous stall 9.7 lb-in
pk torque 45 lb-in
max terminal voltage 60
max speed 3700 rpm
inertia .0019 lb-in-sec^
Kt 1.34 lb-in/amp
Ke 15.9 v/krpm
max pulse current 33 amp
Inductance .8mH
Good luck


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