I'm programming my PIC microcontroller on a MAC OS. Can you use FreeRTOS with MPLAB X running on a MAC OS?

I've noticed directions that include downloading a .exe file, but does that mean it's only good on a windows version of MPLAB X?

In the direction for starting, it says to open a demo project and try compiling but I can't open it. Not sure if it's .gld or .mpc or .mcs or .mcw or .mcs, but none of them work.

"[file name] can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"

Also can't include file in project. I right clicked project>properties>general and added the FreeRTOS/Source and FreeRTOS-Plus/Source folders, yet i get the the following error

Main.c:16:20: fatal error: semphr.h: No such file or directory

Note: this issue has been resolved by just dragging all FreeRTOS sources and headers to the standard folder. Originally when attempting to include original folders under project>general, by adding the path, didn't do anything


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FreeRTOS doesn't care about the environment you are using for development. So yes, you can use MacOS when you are developing with it.

The .exe file you are mentioning is a self-extracting ZIP file (at least that's whats mentioned on the page you are linking to), which is also available as plain ZIP file.

When you are looking at the supported hardware list you find some examples using MPLAB (for PIC18, 24, dsPic and PIC32). These pre-configured examples may make your start easier.


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