I'm a newbie trying to lean PIC, i downloaded MPLAB and MPLAB X ide . Ihave done this around 100 times and looked over web enough before asking this question, but my code is not compiled and it is failed always. Here is what i did:-

  1. Created a new project using PROJECT WIZARD
  2. Edited the code
  3. Copied the "16F871.H" library in both folder (i created the project in) and added it to the header files in MPLAB IDE.

Here's my code

*> // IFIN.C Tests an input
#include " 16F877A.h "
void main()
int x; // Declare variable
output_D(0); // Clear all outputs
while(1) //
x = input(PIN_C0); // Get input state
if(x = = 1)output_high(PIN_D0); // Change output

But on compiling the code i'm getting error a this Executing:

"C:\Program Files\PICC\Ccsc.exe" +FM "NEW.c" #_DEBUG=1 +ICD +DF +LN +T +A +M +Z +Y=9 +EA #_16F877A=TRUE

* Error 18 "NEW.c" Line 2(10,23): File can not be opened

Not in project "C:\Users\jatin\Desktop\DHAKKAN PIC\ 16F877A.h "

Not in "C:\Program Files\PICC\devices\ 16F877A.h "

Not in "C:\Program Files\PICC\drivers\ 16F877A.h "

* Error 128 "NEW.c" Line 2(10,17): A #DEVICE required before this line

* Error 12 "NEW.c" Line 6(9,10): Undefined identifier -- output_D

* Error 12 "NEW.c" Line 9(10,11): Undefined identifier -- input

* Error 51 "NEW.c" Line 10(8,9): A numeric expression must appear here

  5 Errors,  0 Warnings. Build Failed. Halting build on first failure as requested. BUILD FAILED: Mon Jul 08 15:09:17 2013

I would be grateful to you if you could help me.


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The most immediate problem I can see is the following line of code:

#include " 16F877A.h "

You should remove the spaces because it's trying to open a file that contains spaces which is why you're getting multiple errors related to that file. While in general extra whitespace doesn't matter a lot in C / C++ code for any literals enclosed in quotes it certainly does.

Another area where you shouldn't insert extra spaces is also between operators such as == so the space between those two characters should be removed from line 10 as well so it should look like this:

if(x == 1) output_high(PIN_D0); // Change output

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