Alright, I am currently in a situation where knowledge of FPGAs might come in handy. I took the subject at university quite a while back then and since I didn't need it, I forgot most of it (also it was VHDL). After reading a bit I thought that maybe Verilog would be better suited to me. Now I would like to jump-start my knowledge and therefore I would like to take part in a course. I saw that there are courses available at the Xilinx website (which in turn links to various training facilities which offer these). The problem: I do not know if they are wort the cost. I don't mind investing some money if this saves some time in the end but if I wouldn't gain more than from an online course it's kind of useless. Or to put this question in another direction: Do you know of any good Verilog courses around here? I don't mind them being in English.

(Around here is actually Western Austria, so basically Austria, Germany and Switzerland are ok)


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  • Get a Xilinix ISE or some other Verilog/VHDL Simulator,
  • try tutorials online to design
  • construct testbenches to test the designs

Just google these tutorials/examples

Here's a popular website with two classes

Complex Digital Systems - MIT OpenCoursware

Introductory to Digital Systems Laboratory - MIT OpenCourseware

Nothing yet on coursera.com, edx.org or udacity.com but I'd keep an eye on them

Other Resources:

OpenCores (highly recommend signing up here for sophisticated projects)



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