I have a code block (multiple files) in Systemverilog. I am using the Xilinx tool flow that does not understand SystemVerilog (an old part). Is there a tool (or a rule book) I can use to convert the SystemVerilog to standard Verilog-2001 code ?

  • \$\begingroup\$ Which SystemVerilog constructs need to be converted? Examples are: types (logic, bit), classes, interfaces, packages, randomization, etc. \$\endgroup\$ – Victor Lyuboslavsky Aug 13 '13 at 20:35
  • \$\begingroup\$ I am looking to convert only the synthesizable parts of the code. Logic, Bit and packages should be sufficient \$\endgroup\$ – boffin Aug 13 '13 at 22:01

Not aware of any tool that will automatically do the conversion. You could do it by hand or write your own script. Here is a list of common SystemVerilog to Verilog-2001 (or vice-versa)

  • Easy conversions:
    • always_comb --> always @*
    • always_latch --> always @*, may want to add a synthesis directive for latch
    • always_ff --> always
    • int --> integer or reg signed [31:0]
    • shortint --> reg signed [15:0]
    • longint --> time or reg signed [63:0]
    • bit/logic --> reg
    • byte --> reg [7:0]
    • unique --> remove and add synthesis directives full_case parallel_case
    • priority --> remove and add synthesis directives full_case
  • More challenging conversions:
    • var = '0; --> var = {PARAM_VAR_BITS{1'b0}};
    • '1/'X/'Z --> same as '0 and substitute all 0 with 1/X/Z respectively
    • function void --> if not called by any other function then task else function reg any calls should assign a dummy bit.
    • interface --> either add each net to the respective module port list or create `include files.
    • enum --> make each item a parameter, make the variable of packed array (aka IEEE 1364 vector) of reg
    • struct --> either separate out each item or make one bus with parameters as position keys
    • union packed --> same as struct plus some intelligent bus connections (ex: {dest_0[3:0],dest_1,...,dest_n[1:0]}={src_0,src_1[1:0]...,src_n[9:0]} )

I recently released an open source tool for converting SystemVerilog to Verilog. It covers many of the differences highlighted by the other answer. Check it out at https://github.com/zachjs/sv2v.


I know this is old, but just to share a solution I used. Not a great one, but here it is. Use RTL Compiler with synthesize -to_generic. That creates a Verilog compatible netlist. This isn't perfect b/c it also implements the flip-flop logic in terms that aren't exactly optimal for Xilinx's tools.


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