I need RS232 IC with Features: power supply 3.3v, ESD protection, 8-drivers/8-receivers. I'm looking for ic with these specifications are not found.

These needs can be met if I use two IC is SP3244E (3-driver/5-receiver) and SP3249E (5-driver/3-receiver). My question: Can I use two IC above if I need 8-driver/8-receiver? Thanks.


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Sure, if the specs of both meet your needs.

Before the MAX232-style charge pump devices came on the scene, it was normal to use a 1488 in the transmit path and a 1489 in the receive path. Perhaps there were bidirectional external-supply-required parts available, but they don't seem to have been very popular; rather most shipping products stayed with the 1488 & 1489 until they went to the charge pump solutions.


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