I have an old and faithful (well, until today) 32" Philips CRT TV (32pw9309) that was purchased on 2004 and served me very well since then. Today, while the kids were watching a DVD, we heard a "pop" sound and the screen went blank. The blue power led started blinking. I can turn the TV off and on, but after a few secs the led starts blinking again.

So, assuming that the sound was of a blown capacitor, I decided to open up the beast and try to locate that cap. Flipping it on the screen side, I unscrewed the 6 screws and tried to pull the cover up. The problem seems to be that there are plastic locks at the topside of the screen, which I cannot release, so the cover won't fully open.

Any idea how can I open the cover for servicing the TV?

TV on Philips site

enter image description here

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It's always best to start with a service manual, if you can find one, to see the 'right' way to go about fixing things. Philips is fortunately pretty good when it comes to service manuals.

Step 1: This link tells you that the chassis model for your set is "EM5.2E AA".

Step 2: This link has the service manual (and many others BTW).

Step 3: The manual says:

Four openings (1) can be found at the top. The openings are very small (2). Note: Some sets only have the two inner openings.

Underneath every opening there is a clip. Push this clip down with a very thin piece of metal (3), until you hear a click. Caution: do not use a screwdriver, this will damage the cabinet.

enter image description here

(I personally like YouTube disassembly videos combined with the service manual to get a 'feel' of how to do things right without breaking stuff unnecessarily.)

  • \$\begingroup\$ Great, thanks. I searched for the service manual but could not find it. I assumed that such old sets will be hard-to-find. YouTube gave no results either. \$\endgroup\$ – ysap Sep 2 '13 at 17:59

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