Hello I am doing board layout in Altium but whenever I import changes from schematics Altium performs a redundant ECO where it just adds and deletes the same 39 components. For example:

1) I import changes from my schematic file and get an error that 39 components can't match: enter image description here

2) For some reason it can't match component classes even tho the class names are the same... enter image description here

3) So I match Components from sheet 7 with components from sheet 7 and components from sheet 8 with components from sheet 8: enter image description here

4) Click continue to issue an ECO but all Altium does is remove those 39 components (and all their respective nets and footprints) and then just re-adds them without making any actual change to the board:

enter image description here enter image description here

No changes on the board happen. What am I doing wrong?


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Try this:

Go to the PCB.
Click Project --> Component Links.
Make sure all the parts are linked.
Click OK.

Go to the SCH.
Design --> Update PCB.
There should be nothing to update.


I had the same problem with a board. It only worked if I did Design->Update PCB twice. I think my problem was due to a design with "Channels".


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