I want to use SFH6916 ( Optocoupler, Photo-transistor Output, Quad Channel, SOP-16, Half Pitch Mini-Flat Package) in my circuit.

I am using Cadsoft Eagle for layout designing.

The package description of this IC is kind of different I searched on internet but could not find anything regarding the eagle library for this. Where I can find the package and symbol for this?? Any kind of help is appreciable. Thank You.


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Sometimes, and especially with low-volume niche products, there isn't an existing Eagle library for a part, and you need to create your own. It isn't difficult; sometimes you can find a different part with the same footprint (SOIC-16 is actually pretty common) and create a new schematic symbol for it. Otherwise, you can create a new library from scratch; all of the details you need are in the datasheet.


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