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USB charger - tell the phone it can draw more power [duplicate]

I have 8A 6port usb charger. It has two ports marked as fast charing, and the phone here actually charges faster than in the two other ports. When I dismantled it, all the USBs were on the same power ...
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Make 'smart' USB Dedicated Charging Port [duplicate]

I would like to create a circuit that is able to charge any USB connected device from my 5V rail with 1A current limit. There are many different USB devices, asking different kinds of currents, so: 1)...
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Minimum current to charge a 5v device? [duplicate]

I'm trying to use a DC-DC converter to charge a mobile phone. This is the converter....TRACO 12v-5v converter The converter is relatively low power, (5w) and can supply a maximum of 1amp. Testing ...
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How to get more than 100mA from a USB port

I heard that the current limit for a USB port is 100mA. However, I also heard that some devices can get up to 1.8A from a port. How do you get past the 100mA limit?
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How do I design a 2A or more power supply for my consumer USB devices?

I understand that many of my consumer devices charged by USB ports can charge at higher rates than 0.5A. However, in testing, I've found they don't consume more than this. Test Setup I have a power ...
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Split 5V 3A into 1A in 2A to make USB charging device [duplicate]

Overall goal: make a couple USB phone & tablet charging ports from a 12V deep cycle battery. Steps taken so far: I've read that using a resistor based system to step down from 12V to 5V leads to ...
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What's the DC voltage range typically tolerated by modern smartphones?

The modern USB charging circuitry of mobile phones is pretty sophisticated. For example they can negotiate higher charging voltages etc. This question, inspired by a discussion on worldbuilding, is ...
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Floating D+ and D- on a USB Charger

currently I have a problem with an USB Charging Plug (from china). There are some designs, where the D+ and D- line is shorted together, in other there are held to 2.7V. On my plug on the table, ...
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Power-only USB connection to charge my phone - as simple as cutting the data lines?

In a pinch I bought a $3 "phone recharger" from the bin shown below, but now I am too scared to connect it directly to my phone, which costs orders of magnitude more. While a poor design could present ...
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How to deal with D+ and D- on the end of a device that will be charged only?

This is the opposite of the question posted here: What is the ideal way to handle data pins D+ and D- on a USB power adapter to be compatible with fast charging on devices? While that question is ...
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Powering this circuit off 3A USB charger, but it's only supplying 350mA

I have a very simple circuit for a small RGB lamp I'm building. My plan was to power it off one of my many spare old USB phone chargers via micro-usb. It's just a string of 60 WS2812B LEDs with a ...
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Bus-powered non-USB device (like fan,lamp) USB pin arrangement to getting highest power from USB host

Bus powered means device that only use Vbus of USB for it's power supply. I want to use micro USB as my board power supply. The is designed to take 600mA by 3.3v regulator. But I just don't know how ...
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Charging mobile with solar panel Issue

I want to charge mobiles using a solar panel. Most phones would charge well with 5V 1A/1.5A. My panel specifications are as follows- Key points: Maximum power 10Wp (peak wattage) Voltage at maximum ...
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How can I increase battery charge from 590mA to 900mA with BC1.2

I have a 5v battery connected to a mobile device on the VBUS and GND which is charging at 590mA. I would like to increase this to 900mA with BC1.2 The Data+ and Data- are currently shorted otherwise ...
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How to force USB device to drain 500mA Current for charging?

I designed an AC-DC converter circuit(220VAC to 5VDC@700mA) to create a smart phone USB charger. The Transformer that I used in my design can supply only 700mA current. I searched the Web and ...
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