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Neutral vs ground wire? [duplicate]

I have a simple question about neutral and ground wire. Since the neutral is connected to the ground, I have problems understanding the difference. Assuming it is connected to the ground, it should ...
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My country does not have grounding system, How can I protect myself?

I live in Egypt where the neutral wire is grounded. The ground wire is not separated from the neutral wire. A wall outlet has two holes only (live and neutral), The third whole (ground) does not exist....
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Why are both fuse and earthing are needed?

This question arose in my mind today that when you already have the fuse for safety precautions why do you need the earthing?
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Is it dangerous not to connect ground to a 12 V power supply?

I have a 12 V regulated power supply that I use for a car audio amplifier in my home and I only have it hooked up with a cord that has a line and a neutral, no ground. Could this be dangerous or cause ...
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How does grounding the circuit provide safety?

I don't understand the concept of grounding a circuit for safety reasons, in this circuit that I simulated, imagine my hand touching the circuit as the closed switch. I am creating a closed loop ...
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Neutral and the earth are bonded at the main panel or the substation but why is only earth wire used for safety?

Typical distribution system can be illustrated as: Here are my premises (and assumptions): 1-) Chassis in a house must be connected to the earth, not to the neutral. 2-) The earth and the neutral ...
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If ground and neutral are bonded at main panel, why aren't all grounded device chassis energized?

I know this is a question with variants that have been asked countless times on the internet and on this site. Believe me that I have scoured through these questions and answers in search for a ...
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In any electrical equipment having single ph 230 v ac supply ,if neutral and earth wire exchanged then what will be the consequence

I am handling the supply in a locomotive coach and have noticed that the neutral and earth wires have been accidentally flipped,inside the appliance(hot case) is there a problem from the safety point ...
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Why have a ground rod?

I read this on another site: "In a properly designed circuit, if a fault were to occur on the 120-volt outlet between the hot-wire and the ground, the current will flow through ground wire back to ...
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Why 2 pole AC power switch?

What is the purpose of switching both load and neutral lines of AC power as opposed to just switching the load wire?
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Outlet grounding confusion

I don't have much AC knowledge, but I am willing to learn. I've been surfing the web to find out more about outlet grounding. I still want to know more, that is why I am asking this here. Grounding ...
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Grounding in household

Why do households need to have TNCS system (ground electrode near house) rather than TNC? Usually household system needs RCD to protect humans. Why do you need separate ground electrode? An RCD will ...
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where the extra electricy in earthing goes? [closed]

excuse me I'm newbie in electricity , can you please explain how electric will go through one cable that is connected to an earthing rod that is not connected to the circuit or the system being ...
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Current from mains to Earth [closed]

There are 3 wires in most home appliance I see - 220V, neutral, and Earth. Sometimes when I measure resistance from Earth to certain things in my house, I can see which things have a current path to ...
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