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Is this a 'proper' way to represent a circuit schematic? [duplicate]

Is this a reasonable way to do a wiring diagramme. What are the common practices when making this sort of thing? Basically I am a compleat beginner and would love to know if this is a proper neat way ...
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Circuit Schematic improvements [duplicate]

Hello I am trying to improve my circuit schematic and I am looking for suggestions on how to make it more readable, I have read design rules on this forum and I am trying my best to follow them. The ...
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What's the use of a decoupling capacitor near a reservoir capacitor?

I've seen some circuits where a decoupling capacitor is used as well as a reservoir capacitor, like this (C4 and C5): I've read about decoupling capacitors and for me it looks as if they are meant to ...
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What's a schematic (compared to other diagrams)?

What's the difference between a schematic, a block diagram, a wiring diagram and a PCB layout? Why do engineers want a schematic instead of a wiring diagram? Where does Fritzing fit into this?
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Is it ok to 'snake' the flow of my schematic?

I recently watched this video by EEVblog on drawing schematics. One thing he talked extensively about was that the logical flow of a schematic should flow from left to right. Whilst this makes perfect ...
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Why use two 0.1 µF capacitors in parallel?

Below is the schematic of the Pololu A4988 driver board: There are three capacitors on the motor power input. I can understand why engineers decided to use separate 4.7 µF with larger size (1206,...
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Single transistor level up shifter

I need a simple, single directionnal level shifter for 3.3V -> 5V conversion. There are many options on the internet, some using a logic ic and some using 2 NPN transistors (converter and inverter), ...
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What's the right way to draw these capacitors in a schematic?

I placed my capacitors in this way (A) but another person tells me that a better way is like this (B) which one is the right one.
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How Arduino Power supply works

Can someone please help me in the analysis of this arduino board power supply works To my understanding, In the presence of DC power through the DC jac, Dc voltage is fed to the MC33269 regulator to ...
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1-Wire and the resistor

I have been playing around with some 1-Wire components and got these questions simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab Can I break anything if I forget the 4.7 k resistor ...
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Can I connect 24V direct to optocoupler?

I would like to check sensor signal on MCU. Sensor signal is 24V. Therefore, i want to use optocoupler as an interface between MCU and sensor. NC1 is going to MCU pin. My question is if i can connect ...
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How should chips with pins on bottom be drawn?

When you are drawing a schematic for an IC, and there are pins in the bottom center (in my case I am drawing for the BGM13S32F512GA-V2R), how should they be drawn? I have looked into some beginner ...
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CAD Schematic pin arrangement approach

I was looking for related questions here, and the closest one I could find was this one: Industry Practices for Schematic Design? However, it does not address my specific question, so here goes: I am ...
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How to Wire a PIC Microcontroller?

I'm completely new to the world of PIC Microcontrollers and electrical engineering so please go easy :) Anyway, I managed to program my PIC 16f627 to turn on three LEDs when push button (trigger ...
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Will this circuit for quiz buzzers work?

I am a student in 10th class. I have joined my school's science club and I am trying to design a circuit for buzzers to be used in quiz. With normal buzzers, it sometimes becomes difficult to tell ...
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