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USB C 2.0 Receptacle shield connection [duplicate]

I want to know if I should also connect the shield pin (Pin S1) in my schematic to GND or should I leave it not connected?
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USB Shield. To ground or not to ground?

I have been given a device at work to do some testing on. Basically an IC is becoming obsolete so I need to test a replacement part. Upon redoing the ESD checks, the device failed. I checked the ...
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USB micro B receptacle has 6 mounting tabs. How many do I actually need to ground?

This USB micro B has 6 mounting tabs. If I ground none or only 1 of them, will it ruin the signal? There is a pad for the signal ground that is separate from the mounting tabs. Fyi USB 2.0 has a max ...
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How to correctly connect a USB shield on a PCB

I have designed a simple PCB on EasyEDA; I am using USB 3.0 as a convenient means of providing power, ground and taking outputs from the magnet sensors (connected to the PCB) which will be routed to ...
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Why is the usb shield always tied to ground (GND pin)?

The shielding on a cable is to avoid interference from the outside world however it is always tied directly to the GND pin. Not inside the cable itself but inside a device. Every single device I take ...
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Power selection circuit for USB or DC Jack - both at 5V

I am designing a new board, where I need to detect if the DC input jack for powering the board has been plugged and then disconnect the USB power supply. I also need to detect it with the uC in order ...
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How do I deal with multiple, separate shields?

With HDMI or USB3.0/3.1, a cable assembly, in addition to the main braided shield, has multiple separate shields for each differential pair, here an example of a USB3.0 cable: Image source The inner ...
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Proper shielding techniques for chassis grounded equipment located 30 feet apart

I am just hoping to get some best practices out of this discussion: I have two pieces of equipment that are located about 30 feet apart and bolted to a metal frame (chassis ground). They interface ...
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Connecting the Shield of a strain gage cable connector to PCB with ADC

I have a half-bridge strain gage sensor (pre-assembled product) with a 30cm cable, which I am trying to interface with my PCB containing a 24-bit ADC. The connector at the cable end toward the ADC (i....
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Where to connect shield and ferrites in PCB with isolated planes

I have a device which has two sections of the PCB completely isolated form each other, but connected by an isolator IC (PN: ????). I think I need to shield the whole device for reducing EMI because ...
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USB shield for analog and digital ground?

I'm new to Mixed-signal design and I'm having trouble deciding how to connect my digital and analog ground. I'm doing a 4 layer design, so I have a split ground plane. As I understand, since I'm ...
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How can I ground the external shield of the USB cable?

Currently, we're trying to carry out electrophysiological recordings from the mouse brain using Open Ephys acquisition box and a silicon probe, and we are suffering from severe noise in probe signals. ...
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Is it a good idea to connect the mounting connectors of a USB port?

I have designed multiple small PCBs for personal projects, and have used USB ports many times for an output. I have always wondered if it is a good idea to connect the two mounting holes for the USB ...
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How to shield a battery powered instrumentation with USB interface?

I would like to ask for advice on shielding the following setup. I have a measurement target sitting inside a Faraday cage, connected through a shielded cable to a measurement circuit. The cable ...
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Atmega32u - Ground in bus powered configuration

The Datasheet provides an example configuration for when the device is powered from the bus, and shows the bus Vss connected to ...
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