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Bootstrap circuit for high-side MOSFET driver

I am very familiar with the operation of bootstrap drivers on MOSFET driver ICs for switching an N-channel high-side MOSFET. The basic operation is covered exhaustively on this site and others. What ...
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Bootstrap capacitor

I am new to electronics could any one explain to me what is the Bootstrap capacitor and what is used for I am doing research about buck convertor using MP1482 chip and I do not understand bootstrap ...
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Is it possible to use P-MOSFET at the floating high side of a MOSFET driver?

I need to use a MOSFET driver in my circuit. I have read some MOSFET driver datasheets. As far as I have seen, always an N-MOSFET is used at the high side. For example, consider FAN7842. Typical ...
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Choose Vcc for MOSFET driving a 48v Motor

The circuit above is used to drive a 48v motor as shown. I am using: IRF3205 MOSFETs (datasheet) IR2110 High and Low side driver (datasheet) 22uF bootstrap capacitor for PWM frequency of 30 KHz. I ...
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Buck Converter with Gate Driver

I designed a simple buck converter to meet the following specs (I have attached the schematic): Vin = 17.4V Vout = 12V D = 0.69 Switching Frequency = 50kHz Inductor Ripple Current = 20% of ...
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IRS2110 IC & high side floating supply voltage - H bridge

Hi So far what all IC or micocontroller that I have used that use to have VDD = 5V & GND = 0V. Now I am working on an H-bridge circuit using IC driver IRS2110 for motor control. What exactly we ...
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Half H-Bridge Driver

I'm working on a project to control power sideview mirrors in a car, with features like TildDown, that tilts some of the mirror down helping to park. The circuit is pretty simple, but I'm having some ...
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Boost Capacitor of Step-down converter

I'm working on the LT8607 Step-down converter to convert from 12V to 5V/500mA output. The circuit schematic is as below. What is the purpose of using the BST capacitor as shown in the schematic.
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How to drive high and low side FET with 3.3V microcontroller?

This picture describes the current state of my project that I am working on. I am making a half-bridge high-current motor driver (that will eventually evolve into a full-bridge). The motor is ...
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How does a bootstrap capacitor for a MOSFET keep the MOSFET on after the source is connected to main power supply?

I was reading this bootstrap circuit for a N CH MOSFETS and I am finally starting to understand how a bootstrap circuit for MOSFETS work. The one part I am confused about is how the MOSFET stays ...
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Can I use a MOSFET driver to blink an LED

I was testing the MOSFET driver LTC7004 and tried to supply power to VCC and GND from an Arduino Mega with a PWM signal. The schematic resembles a Bootstrap circuit. I connected an LED between pins ...
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Using 1:1 Transformer for High Side Switching

I'm working on a 2-sw Forward Converter with isolated input and output. The design is complete on paper, but I still have a problem in my head: High side switching. The question is, can I drive the ...
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How to add an offset to a PWM signal to control a N-channel MOSFET that has a large source voltage?

I want to control a N-channel MOSFET through a PWM signal generated by an Arduino board. The amplitude of such PWM is 0V-5V with respect to GND with frequency 20kHz. My idea is to send the PWM signal ...
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ADP3624 question

this question might seem dump but I'm not completely sure if I can use this device for a Half-Bridge
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