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Choosing power supply, how to get the voltage and current ratings?

Power supplies are available in a wide range of voltage and current ratings. If I have a device that has specific voltage and current ratings, how do those relate to the power ratings I need to ...
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Why do we use polarized capacitors?

I want to know if the polarized capacitor has some advantage that they are used in some circuits? For example, in a schematic of the BISS001 PIR controller IC, in some places, a polarized capacitor ...
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Replacing aluminum capacitor by tantalum capacitor for accelerometer bulk bypass

I am currently working on a design which includes the AIS3624DQ accelerometer from ST. In the datasheet, it says (section 4, page 17): "Power supply decoupling capacitors (100 nF ceramic, 10 μF ...
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Is it a problem to use a capacitor at or near its rated DC voltage?

Are there important points to consider in typical or special applications when capacitors operate with applied voltage close to their rated DC voltage? Such as: 15 V on a 16 V-rated capacitor, 24 V ...
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Ceramic (MLCC) versus Tantalum capacitors

From the perspective of an electronics designer, but also taking into account price/cost and social considerations (see Coltan mining and ethics link below), I tend to avoid Tantalum capacitors under ...
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Dangers of capacitors blowing up

I was wondering what kind of damage a 350V, 6000uF (link to capacitor) electrolytic capacitor could do. will this kill me if it blew up next to me? I have never blown capacitors before, but I ...
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Tantalum capacitors vs. ceramic capacitors

I have a negative LDO (-5V from -5.5V to -10V) which requires a tantalum or aluminum capacitor. I'm wondering why it can't use a ceramic capacitor? Is there any specific reason for this? Regulator is ...
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Why use a tantalum instead of a ceramic capacitor?

On page 72 of the AD7124-4 datasheet it says: Decouple AVDD with a 1 μF tantalum capacitor in parallel with a 0.1 μF capacitor to AVSS on each pin. Why would this capacitor be specified to be a ...
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Really odd capacitor markings

I got some capacitors about two years ago now, which I foolishly removed from their bag, and I quickly forgot their markings. I can't even figure out which kind of capacitor it is. Tantalum seems the ...
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Can you replace electrolytic capacitors with tantalum ones?

Due to size constraints on a custom PCB, I have opted out for using the smallest type of electrolytic capacitors (3 mm diameter.) However, capacitors in such a small diameter are almost impossible to ...
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Maximum allowable ripple current and surge current for tantalum capacitor

I use two 10uF, 20VDC tantalum capacitors in parallel as decoupling capacitors just after the battery connector. At the moment the battery is plugged in, one of the capacitors sometimes burns out (not ...
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DAC multiplexer glitch

UPDATE 20th May: Swapped the analog output regulator for an AZ1117-EH based on Peter Smith's suggestion, removed C1306, so now the 3.3VA output should be ok at least based on the datasheet. However, ...
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What does "Transient Response Recovery" means in the output specification of a AC-DC power supply?

I'm using a AC-DC power supply to provide 24VDC input to a PCB. A 100uF,35V tantalum is used as one of the filter capacitors for the 24V(same from supply) input of DC-DC regulator on PCB. In some ...
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Aluminum electrolytic vs. tantalum capacitor for buffering SAR ADC Ref input

I want to use the ADS8317 16-Bit SAR A/D converter and have read through the datasheet. In there, ti recommend using a low ESR 47µF tantalum capacitor to buffer the reference input. Now, my reference ...
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buck converter : capacitors voltage ratings

I'm currently designing a PCB for a caving robot, where PCB space is rather limited. One thing taking quite some space are the input and output capacitors of the 12 to 5VV DC-DC converter. I basically ...
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