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Questions tagged [433mhz]

433MHz is a license-free area of the RF spectrum in many countries. It tends to be restricted to low power and bandwidth but allows simple modulation schemes making it popular for low cost / bandwidth applications such as keyless entry and alarm systems.

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More transmit power for 433MHz transmitter module by increasing voltage

I am using these 433MHz modules. According to the product information, I can supply the transmitter from 3-12 Volts. I am sending the data from an arduino (5V data) and want to power the transmitter ...
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Using 433 MHz Tx/Rx without encoders/decoders

I want to use Tx & Rx Modules of 433 MHz standard modules you find everywhere. I just want Tx module powered up and Rx module should respond (probably key press) on Tx module. I don't have any ...
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Why is 433 MHz still used?

The new RF frequencies are 868 MHz for Europe and 915 MHz for the US. I heard 433 MHz is barely regulated, read: it's chaos. Then why are 433 MHz RF modules still used? Are they cheaper to produce?
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What will it take to build a DIY 2km (city conditions) RF transmitter (433Mhz)?

This is my first question on this site. I am not an electronics/electrical engineer so pardon my depth of knowledge. I am trying to build an RF transmitter/receiver. These are my end goals : a text (...
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Improve range of 433MHz RF link

I have a system comprised of a wireless sensor which transmits temperature readings to a main base. The wireless sensor system is made up of: 12F683 pic to take the temperature reading (manchester ...
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433 Mhz + Attiny85 improve range

I want to send information from my Attiny85 to my Raspberry. For the moment. Attiny and Emitter work on 5V Emitter have a 433 Mhz 1/2 waveform antenna I'am using virtual wire Raspberry receiver work ...
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How can I modify the frequency of a simple 433MHz transmitter module?

How can I change the frequency of a simple RF transmitter? These are the transmitters in question: Background Research On this question s3c says: To change the ...
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433.92 Noise Is Different Across The Same Type Of Devices

I have two 433.92 RF receivers of type XY-MK-5V and one of type RXB12 . The question that brings we here is this: Lets give the receivers names: ...
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Recent reference for "why not to build RF circuits on breadboard"

I've noticed the occasional I've built my FM modulator/RF mixer/433 MHz oscillator according to plans from The Internet on a breadboard, now it doesn't work. We can usually refer the author to ...
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basic RF transission in noisy environment

I built a little quadcopter, and I need to transmit some data to it in a max. 4-5 meters range. The transmitter needs to transmit in a quarter of a sphere (the quadcopter will newer be "behind" the ...
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2 answers

Generic 433MHz receiver, how to derive output signal voltage

I have a 433MHz receiver modules (Model number MX-05V) The input voltage is listed as 5V but they don't list the output voltage. I have seen this used without level shifting in a project in ...
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Two different length antennas can cause problems?

I am using two 443 MHz transceivers (FY-605 transceiver) with both having different antenna lengths. One antenna is around 12cm long and the other antenna is around 17cm long. Will this cause problems?...
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433 MHz Antenna - Balanced Dipole + Balun?

I've got three 433MHz receivers (all the same type) and I would like to increase the range on them (by which I mean the physical distance that the receiver can detect the signal from the transmitter). ...
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How do I change the frequency of an rf module?

I recently bought an AM radio transmitter/receiver from eBay. It was only after I bought it, however, that I noticed that the frequency was 315/433 MHz. I live in the UK so only 433 MHz would be ...
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Using cheap RF module encoding with UART in a commercial product

For my graduation project, I need to design a system that transmits several different data packets to the computer wirelessly. It needs to have a potential to be commercial product, so both functional ...
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Wifi Channel vs a Sub 1 GHz channel of same width

If the same channel-width is allocated for a WiFi channel and also for a Sub-1 GHz channel, would the maximum allowable speed be the same for both channels theoretically? If they differ, what is the ...
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Boosting power transmitted by 433MHz module from 5v to 12v

I have one of these transmitter modules attached to an Arduino Mega and currently powered by the Arduino Mega 5v pin. I have locations that cannot receive the radio transmission because of lack of ...
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