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What type of antenna connector is this? (USB 4G modem)

What type of antenna connector is in the Huawei E5573Cs-322 phone? (Internally - left side on the image) SMA or ts-9? Photo attached.
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Data logging on a SIM5320

One of my SIM5320 devices is using a lot more data than before while sending a POST message to a web server. I like to see what connections the SIM5320 is establishing, but i don't know how. What is ...
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CSFB service vs SRVCC service - LTE basics

I have been reading core architecture topics on LTE. In a session, I was introduced to CSFB, as a service handover, instead of the coverage handover associated with the SRVCC. While I am able to ...
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Can I use a 5G antenna on my 4G router and get 5G speeds or do I need a 5G router [closed]

I have a Huawei B535 4G router at home. The SIM card sitting in it and the subscription also supports 5G. Will it be enough to just add an external antenna like this one:
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Estimating the range of an antenna and determining what the best option is?

I'm very new to radio communication so I apologize for the lack of knowledge about this subject. That being said, I'm looking for a directional antenna imagine a situation as follows, I'm in a rural ...
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LTE Bandwidth at band edge

If my LTE uplink channel is right on the band 20 edge for example 861.9MHz or 24449 EARFCN and my LTE BW is 10MHz does that mean the final signal would be outside of B20 or 856.9-866.9 ? Or is the ...
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180m to proper 4G reception: which approach to take to ensure good bandwidth?

I have a cabin in a remote location in Norway, and as luck has it, no cell phone reception. There is great reception up on a hill nearby. I could erect an antenna there, and the cable would be about ...
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