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5g wireless cellular communications systems - the 5th generation

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Noise in mm-wave initial access frameworks

I have a doubt about Initial Access (IA) procedures in mm-wave system. In most papers I have read (see e.g. Initial Access in 5G mm-Wave Cellular Networks), most of the alignment procedures assume ...
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How to compute link budget in a system with aero/space-borne integration

I am studying a system in 5G which are represented as a combination terrestrial and non-terrestrial network (including satellite segments or HAP/LAP) [5G NTN] it is a unified terrestrial aerospace ...
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Why in MISO, SISO, MIMO definition Input is Transmitting antennas not the receiving ones?

This is a definition for SIMO in the reference below: "The SIMO or Single Input Multiple Output version of MIMO occurs where the transmitter has a single antenna and the receiver has multiple ...
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Does it take more power (battery-life) to stream video or to do local video processing?

I have a raspberry pi with a camera. I want to take analytics from the video (mostly object detection). This doesn't have to be run in real time and the RPI doesn't need the output of the video ...
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