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2 answers

"Active Low" Button Circuit Never Records High

I have an FPGA Starter Kit (Lattice MachXO3) which I'm using 25 IOs for push buttons inputs. I'm driving the starter kit and button circuitry from the wall with a 12V AC/DC adapter (rated for up to 2A ...
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2 answers

Why does this active-low relay work when floating?

I have the following circuit: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab When I digitalWrite(HIGH) the GPIO pin, the transistor closes and ...
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2 answers

How does an MCU detect current drop in an active-low button?

I'm confused as to how an active-low push button detects a change in voltage. Below is a model of a conventional setup of one of these buttons I found. When the switch is open (like in the image), ...
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Two active-low switches, delay between the two

I have two active low outputs, each with a 12V potential when opened. I'd like to create a circuit where, after the a switch to the first input is grounded, there is a small delay (>= 500ms) and ...
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Active Low LED and Active Low Switch behavior on FPGA counter-intuitive

I was following a tutorial to get started with Libero SoC with MicroSemi SmartFusion FPGA. I coded a small LED toggle module ...
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3 answers

Connecting an active low Enable pin IC with a MCU

It's my first time working with an active low Enable IC and I'm not intuitively understanding the connection. EN_N pin of the IC has an internal pullup resistance of 1.1Mohm and I'm planning to use ...
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2 answers

Adapting the 74LS170 open-collector "register file" to active-high TTL input

This is a question related to swapping a 74LS170 4 x 4 register file chip for a 74LS173 single 4-bit register. In the other question I wonder if there are even simpler ways to Turn a positive clock ...
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