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Best way to hold a slightly twisted, castellated-hole PCB board to another during reflow/hand solder?

I have a 31x61mm PCB with castellated holes that are slightly twisted - enough to prevent it from having great contact to the other PCB during baking. What I currently do is place the PCB by hand and ...
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How are these wires bonded?

This connector is from a Chevy Cobalt, but I think the question is more about electrical technology than automotive stuff. Feel free to close, if I'm wrong. One of the (5) wires attached to the lug (...
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How to integrate a conductive adhesive sensor

I am working on my final project for uni, in which I am building an electrical circuit using a force sensor that has conductive adhesive. I am unsure how to integrate this sensor into my circuit, ...
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Dissolvable glue for glass to PCB adhesion

I am working on a project where I have designed a MEMS sensor on a glass (quartz) wafer. I also made a PCB where the glass sensor chip is to be glued to the surface of the PCB for testing purposes. ...
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Is it safe to patch a capacitor with some aluminum housing exposed?

I was removing some capacitor adhesive and noticed that in doing so I ripped off some of the capacitor housing causing what seems to be the outer aluminum shell to be exposed. The capacitor itself is ...
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Methods for managing loose wires during prototyping

I have quite a few switches and other somewhat bulky components to fit into a box for a build, which will require some careful management of the free space within to avoid other wires getting pinched, ...
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Newbie Adhesive Question

Our GPS trackers on our dogs were broken over the weekend and upon analysis I found some pins that were removed from the chip. It appears that there was some type of adhesive glue holding them onto ...
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Help identifying thread locking adhesive

I've opened some old electronic device and in many cases, I've come across some adhesive coating the screws, which are in different colors and are easy to break or scratch, I think it's safe to guess ...
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Solder or Adhesive for Wifi Module

I am replacing a wifi module for my smart tv. I have any never done this before and want to know if I need to solder the two components together or just use an adhesive like in the old module. The ...
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What adhesive is best to glue strain gauges to metal?

I'm trying to use these strain gauges to measure bending of a metallic cantilever (metal TBD). Does anyone know what adhesive I can use to glue the strain gauges? I'd rather not have to use an oven ...
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What kind of glue should I use for PCB-mounted components to increase rigidity and stress relief (not vibrations)?

I have some small boards that have various connectors, JSP, female headers etc. Those connectors and headers will be used a lot with various devices plugged in and pulled out and will get a lot of ...
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Is thermally conductive epoxy needed if long settling time is acceptable?

I'm using SMD based analog temperature measuremet ICs (a version of the old TMP36). It will be mounted on a tiny and thin (.5mm) PCB I've cut to hold the IC and a few mfgr recommended parts and a 3 ...
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Is there a relatively inexpensive form of double sided tape that would be safe to use (i.e., low static) for mounting a sensor? [closed]

Apologies in advance if this question would be best directed elsewhere: I am working on a wearable project, and would like to attach two small IMUs ( see product page here) to some fabric. Each ...
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best adhesive for FR4 to aluminum

I am making my own LED bulbs (for wedge-base sockets in a low-voltage application). A key construction detail requires me to cement a small (roughly 3/8" x 1") piece of FR4 circuit board (which plugs ...
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Glue used to adhere cellphone / laptop components (not screen)

What type of glue is used to adhere cellphone (or laptop) components (excluding the screen which has its own speciality glue)? I'm talking about the sticky, but not too sticky glue used to hold things ...
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Shim to make PCB section thicker [closed]

For my latest product, I have designed a USB ESP8266 dev kit for hobbyists ( The theory is that it fits into a USB-A plug directly through the PCB - hence why I am gold plating ...
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Is there an appropriate "potting" compound for a DC power barrel connector?

I need to modify the DC connector on about 100 AC/DC power supplies and will be installing a barrel connector like this: I would like to make the connector more permanent and prevent a user from ...
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Why is electrical tape not very sticky?

Over the years I've used lots of different electrical tapes, cheap and not-so-cheap. One thing they've all had in common is that, while pretty tacky to the touch, it never sticks very well to anything ...
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Hold a SMD chip on the PCB with Scotch tape

Background: I'm watching many SMD soldering tutorials these days, but I'm still not ready (too nervous!) to actually try it with my PCB and DAC TI PCM5122PW: Question: Can I put the SMD chip on the ...
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Danger of high voltage in electroadhesion

I am currently doing my master internship to get a degree in mechatronics. For an experiment I would like to conduct, I am interested in using electroadhesion. For those who don't know about it, the ...
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Conductive Adhesives?

I'm helping with a kid's Maker's project. We need to attach some LED's to some coin cell batteries for part of a holiday project. Are there any conductive adhesives we can use for this? Durability ...
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