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Questions tagged [aes]

Acronym for "Advanced Encryption Standard." Use this tag for questions about implementations of AES. Questions about the algorithm and theory of AES would be more appropriate on Cryptography Stack Exchange.

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Why does it take so much time for compiling verilog HDL code in Quartus?

I am writing a verilog code in Quartus to encrypt AES-128bit.Every sub-module works well but when I compile the main module, it take more than 2 hours to complete with no error. Especially, when i ...
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S/PDIF standard sample rate and channel status bits

I am planning to create a S/PDIF output stream for a digital audio device, but there is some ambiguity on the standard and how it is used. I would like to have the confusion cleared up. To start, ...
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2 answers

How do I implement authentication on an embedded device? [closed]

I have been reading a lot about encryption lately but most sources just care about making sure that the connection between two parties is secure. I want to know how I can be sure that the party I am ...
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AES encryption with CBC: result length

I checked a piece of library code intended for encryption/decryption with AES, CBC, 256 Bit Key length. To check the results I consulted the following website:
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How can I assign a 256-bit std_logic_vector input

I realized an AES-256 algorithm which encrypts a 128-bit std_logic_vector (plain_text) with a 256-bit std_logic_vector (master_key). I made a test-bench in order to verify the behavior of the ...
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How to implement AES Encrypting for ESP8266 implemented on Hardware?

I need to write a basic encryption program for ESP8266. I did read the datasheet (, and them says that existis ...
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STM32F4 Discovery AES Encryption Problem

I am trying to implement very basic AES192-CBC Mode encryption routine on STM32F407 Discovery board and I want to do that process with the onboard Cryptographic processor in STM32F407 MCU. I copied ...
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STM32F43xxx and AES-128 CFB

I want to implement AES-128 CFB (Chiper Feedback) algorithm using HW Cryptographic processor on STM32F437 microcontroller. I don't want to use "STM32 crypto library" (DocID028112 Rev 2), but I want ...
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Parameter vs macros to control which function is called

I am working on an AES encryptor/decryptor project that can handled AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256. The cipher key length is chosen at compile time. The module I am working on generates the key ...
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