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Difficulty in gaining Class II CE certification for an aluminium single-sided PCB

We have a product that consists of an aluminium single-sided PCB with micro-controller and LEDs soldered to the copper side. The PCBA is shaped so that it can be bent to fit over the scalp of the user ...
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Aluminum PCB PTH conducts across the entire board

I've designed plenty of PCBs and had them manufactured using FR-4, but I had never worked with aluminum PCBs and I had been wanting to try it out. So in my latest order of some FR-4 boards, I added in ...
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Altium Layer Stackup for Aluminium (IMS) PCB

I am needed to do a single layer PCB in Altium. I have no routing on the bottom layer but in the layer stack manager, I am not able to remove the bottom layer copper. Also, I can't choose or find any ...
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Why can domestic induction stoves heat aluminium tape, but not aluminium pans?

Domestic induction stoves can't be used with thick aluminium or copper pans, but when I try to heat aluminium tape it does get hot. Can someone explain why this is the case?
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Can you replace ceramic or tantalum capacitors with aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

I have a question about the hookup for my 12VDC to 5VDC step down module - the K7805JT-500R3. It states in the datasheet that ceramic capacitors are what can be used but it also states that tantalum ...
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Reason not to use aluminium wires, other than higher resistance

So aluminium is 3.3 times lighter than copper (8.96 vs 2.70 g/cm3). And its resistance is only 55% bigger. So in weight/resistance ratio it is actually better than copper. Also it is cheaper. Why ...
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Aluminium PCB - Bottom Entry Connector

Is there something like this connector that is easier to buy? I need to find something that lets me connect an aluminium PCB to an FR4 PCB with part of the enclosure between them. The part of this ...
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How to apply thermal paste on a large surface (between IMS PCB and heatsink)?

I've got a project that features an array of ultraviolet LEDs on an aluminium board. This board shall be screwed to a heatsink. My problem is that I'd like to apply thermal paste to improve the ...
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Do EMC test houses typically accept copper foil in EUT?

Working with small volume product and tight schedule it might become an option to pass EMI limits by use of copper/aluminium foil on inside of enclosure. What is your experience with the labs on this ...
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Can I use a tantalum capacitor instead of an aluminium capacitor with an AP1509-50SG? [closed]

I am planning to use an AP1509-50SG converter in one of my projects. There is only a very small area to place components. Aluminum capacitors rated 300uF/16VDC or 330uF/25VDC have a large footprint ...
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Why do some laboratories use a multimeter on top of an aluminum plate connected to ground?

I was reading a laboratory to study some backgrounds about common mode rejection (CMR), when I saw this image: Does the aluminum plate connected to ground under the multimeter increase the reading ...
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Drawbacks and disadvantages of insulated metal substrate PCBs

Insulated metal substrate (IMS) PCBs, with variants and names including aluminium base, metal clad printed circuit board (MCPCB) and thermally conductive PCBs have some sought-after features in terms ...
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Do power inductors having an aluminum winding (or a light weight winding) exist? [closed]

I need the lightest power inductors possible. Do inductors having aluminum windings (or any light-weight winding) exist? I would also consider hollow-core wiring to be used at very high frequencies, ...
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Efficiency of extraction of aluminum from aluminum hydroxide

This is regarding aluminum air batteries Since they are rechargeable, in order to "recharge" the batteries we need reswap the aluminium cathode with aluminum hydroxide which is formed. That ...
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What does "highest ionizing energy deposition" mean?

I am looking for how to compute the thickness of shielding materials and have found the following research: ISNPS Technical Report ISNPS-1-2013 Tai and El-Genk.doc ( The report is mentions the ...
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2 answers

How to design DC bus bars for batteries?

What factors should we consider for designing bus bars for cell terminals? Suppose I have LFP battery pack made up of 9 cells in series each having maximum of 3C discharge rate and a nominal capacity ...
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Can inductive sensors work on anodized aluminum?

I was wondering if an industrial-grade inductive sensor can detect an anodized aluminum plate. From what I know, based on the working principle of these sensors (basically the metal is detected by its ...
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oven rework - possible culprit?

These small LGA16 parts needed replacing: Desoldered them with heat gun, cleaned with acetone, put new parts into place, fixed them with this sticky aluminum tape, applied flux and put them to the ...
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leakage current of a 10uF MLCC compared with an aluminium decoupling capacitor

I am trying to track down a ~10uA current leak in my circuit. My PCB has this 10uF ceramic decoupling capacitor between 1.8V and GND. I cannot see it's ESR value in the datasheet so I do not know what ...
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Insulated TOP3 triac soldered to Aluminum plate -- will it last?

So I ordered a cheap SSR from Aliexpress and it finally arrived. I immediately disassembled it to look what's inside. It wasn't so bad -- BTA40-800, MOC3063.. assuming the components are not ...
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Does alumide provide any electromagnetic shielding?

Alumide is a new 3D printing material that contains aluminium dust. It is mechanically stiffer, but little is said about its conductivity and electromagnetic shielding properties. There is probably ...
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Mechanically damaged aluminium electrolyte capacitor - is it very toxic?

I mechanically opened a aluminium electrolyte capacitor and I am afraid now if anything could happen to me. Can somebody help me please?
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How to connect wires coming from bottom side of a single-layer PCB?

I intend to use an IMS PCB, that is a PCB with aluminium substrate. It will be a single layer PCB (because of the cost, and heat), so only the top layer. I need to connect approx. 20 wires to the top ...
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