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Remove 50Hz noise from a system

I am working on measurement circuitry and one of the challenges I have is the 50Hz noise. Is there some analogue circuitry that could be implemented to eliminate this? I am using multiple LDOs to ...
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Problem with analog passive lowpass filter

I designed a lC low pass filter and instead of getting a frequency response of lowpass, I got a strange frequency response as mentioned in the figure below. Does anyone have an idea ? The circuit: ...
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HP filter for MHz pulses

I need a high pass filter for my measuring setup and I'am a total newbie to analog filters. I have weak hf pulses (0.5-1.2 MHz, 10 mV) superimposed on lf sine wave (8-40 kHz, up to 5 V), I'm ...
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What is the purpose of loading an analog input?

Theoretical question: I have seen in many analog signal circuits that the analog input pin is pulled down through a resistance. Sometimes it is also pulled up and sometimes there is a capacitor ...
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Analog filter gain in simulation is not as expected

I want to have a 1 stage analog active filter with a cutoff frequency of 26 kHz. I used the MATLAB analog filter design toolbox to create such a filter. The filter that was provided by MATLAB looks ...
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Bessel filter: explicit calculus of the order of the filter

As it is well known Butterworth and Chebyshev filters have explicit ways of calculating the order, derived by its polynomials. For instance, for Butterworth filters: $$ n \geq \displaystyle \frac{\log\...
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Confused about the sampling rate of AD7606-4 (analog to digital converter)

I'm using an AD7606-4 which is connected to an STM32 EVB. The connection is in the serial configuration and samples only 4 channels (DOUTA only). The sampling rate in the datasheet is 200 ksps, but I ...
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Audio mixer comments/concerns

I'm trying to design an audio mixer for my friend, and he only needs three stereo channels with volume for each channel as well as a master volume. Additionally, he'd like as high an audio quality as ...
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Why is a capacitor to ground a low frequency pole, instead of a high frequency zero?

In building my intuition about how analog circuits relate to the s-plane, I am wondering why a pole emerges from a capacitor to ground, for example in a simple lowpass filter consisting of only a ...
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Digital signal processing vs. analog signal processing for a 100kHz DAQ project

I have a dumb question to ask (for a lot of you) but it has been bugging me for a while and I need someone who can give me a clear answer. (I'm a second-year in electrical engineering.) I am working ...
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