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Arcing horn placement on tension string

Why is arcing horn placement on a tension string insulator only placed on the top which only covers the top part of the insulators, while on a suspension insulator string, arcing horns are placed on ...
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Isolated power supplies for high-voltage DC

I am currently designing a high-voltage system for electrospinning. I am looking for some advice to address arcing and how to isolate the high-voltage DC from the low-voltage DC. In my current setup I ...
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When using a square wave inverter is arcing a problem when installing a switch

A perfect square wave switches immediately from a high positive voltage to a high negative voltage. Does this mean that a switch installed in a circuit powered by a square wave power inverter will ...
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Hark There is an Arc

AC mains power is almost always transmitted at 50 or 60 Hz. Accepted reasoning is that lower frequencies make transformers larger and higher frequencies have greater transmission losses. ...
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