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Questions tagged [arp]

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a telecommunications protocol used for resolution of network layer addresses into link layer addresses

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SMBus ARP working example

I've been playing around with an arduino and a few sensors when I came across this amazing communication protocol I2C with which a master can communicate with all of the sensors (or slaves in a more ...
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How to Get IP address from MAC Address using ESP8266 wifi Module

I am trying to use my esp8266 to discover several WiFi devices (sensor) in my home. I only know these devices MAC address, and I need to send TCP packets to their IP address. Using RPi, I can do that ...
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ARP message to enc28j60

I have made the driver for enc28j60 for LPC1788 and I'm trying to send UDP message to LPC via wifi enabled device (iOS, windows over wifi). But transmission fails. Wifi device sends the ARP request. ...
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