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Questions tagged [ascii]

ASCII is abbreviated from American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a character encoding standard for electronic communication. ASCII codes represent text in computers, telecommunications equipment, and other devices.

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Convert Altium PcbDoc file between binary and ASCII without Altium

As Altium PCB file format support, we can save PcbDoc as binary or ASCII. Is there any ...
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Modbus ASCII messages delimiter

I need to implement Modbus messages reception over UART. For RTU it's easy because UART on my uC has configurable idle receive line detection. However, for ASCII the task is tricky - the delimiter is ...
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Altium Schematic - save all sheets as ASCII schdoc

I see a way to save as in Altium to save the sheet in ascii format. Will this save all sheets in a hierarchical design or flat design?
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Convert a Ngspice rawfile to binary format [duplicate]

I have these NgSpice rawfiles that are generated in ASCII format instead of binary format. I would like to know please what command to use to force their generation in binary instead or ASCII format ...
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How to find out the used code?

I have a data stream that looks like x\xdam\xdd]\xc4\xeemZ\xc7q)2\xcc\xd6cL\x1a1\x8c\xc9hc\x0c)\xeb^\xaf\xd7Z (...) How can I find out what I do see here? At the ...
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Which ASCII character could interrupt communication?

Which ASCII character could interrupt or terminate or otherwise disturb communication on the reciever part. Not including acknowledgment, handshakes, identification or other programmed protocols. ...
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ASCII value error during communication (UART) in AVR

I am trying to implement following program in Atmega328P. ...
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Optimizing Verilog Code

I'm trying to convert Hex number into Decimal ASCII representation in Verilog, I've done the next code that converts successfully but this it cost a lot of timing for my design, could anyone help me ...
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PIC assembly: express integer constant as string at build time

One of my engineers came to me with a question that I can't answer. This is for a project using a PIC16F controller, all written in assembler. He is defining a constant that he wants his program to ...
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