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Using an NPN to detect high voltage and switch a battery circuit

I've done some simple PCB's but am not a real electronics designer so forgive stupid mistakes or stupid questions. I'm trying to detect a voltage range between 1-50 volts (VIN) as digital 'on' and ...
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MCU working with external crystal oscillator removed [closed]

I programmed my atmega1284p using Arduino as ISP. I set oscillator to 16mhz external crystal. Everything is working fine but when I upload the blink sketch (where I have set led to blink after 1 sec) ...
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Why don't certain pins on PORTC on the ATmega164A/324Pa/644PA/1284P work?

I want to use the PC2 pin on my ATmega164-1284PA series of microcontrollers and it's not working no matter what I do. I even wrote a minimal test case that only sets it as an output and toggles the ...
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Regulate an RGB LED via PWM, both in brightness and in hue

I am looking to regulate programmatically an RGB LED both in terms of brightness and in terms of hue. So far I have learned that I can use PWM to do this, but I am unsure as to what the details are. I ...
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Not All I/O Pins Work for Nixie Driver on Arduino MEGA and ATMEGA1284PU

I am tearing my hair out, and help would be immensely appreciated. I am developing a nixie RPN calculator. I am using nixies being driven by K155ID1 nixie drivers, connected to an ATMEGA1284PU. I ...
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How do devices like the Game Boy Advance achieve their frame rate?

I've been designing my own handheld gaming device based around an AVR microcontroller and a small OLED display. I started off with a monochrome display 128x64 pixels and can comfortably draw to it at ...
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What is the best communication mechanism with collision detection/avoidance for my topology?

Here is my sensor topology.. Here, the atmega128 is the main controller and all other atmega8 are connected to the main controller using rs485 cable. What is the best communication protocol for this ...
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Fuse Bits for ATmega1284P

I need to use an external crystal oscillator for PWM generation on the ATmega1284P. I have set the wrong fuse bits and I can't program it now. Can this be rectified?
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Atmega1284P-PU - how to connect more than one device through SPI?

I need connect 3 modules via SPI with ATMEGA1284P-PU. I looked on datasheet, but I found only one SPI. On which pins are other SPI?
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How to set NACK on bad PEC in TWI used for SMBUS (ATMega8) [duplicate]

I want to implement the SMBUS protocol in my AVR device (ATMega1284P), which will have the role of slave. I need to support the PEC (Packet Error Code) feature, which means that the master device (...
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How to set NACK right after current byte in TWI (ATMega8)

I have some experience with I²C (TWI) as I used it before, but it seems I can't solve this particular problem. I intend to communicate two CPUs via I²C. One is always the master and the other is the ...
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