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ATmega328p TQFP basic PCB

Is there an error in the basic schematic and PCB drawing of the Arduino?
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Noise on I²C when bit-banging but not with built-in I²C (ATmega328PB)

I'm working on bit-banged I²C for the ATmega328PB. I've been seeing a lot of noise (ringing and cross-talk) on the lines but thought it was just my test probes, etc. However, when using the MCU's ...
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Generating PWM at pin PD5 of ATmega328P

I am beginner to ATmega328P programming for PWM generation. I am trying to generate a PWM wave at PD5 pin the datasheet says PD5(OC0B/T1/PCINT21). When I generate the PWM with help of timer0 overflow ...
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Atmega328pb microncontroller hangs

I've been working on a project with Atmega328PB microcontroller using both the UARTs for communication. The controller runs fine for a long time but all of a sudden it does not respond at all. It ...
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atmega328pb mcu gets bricked after uploading bootloader

i have a strange problem, maybe this post will be long, but i try to give all the details: i’ve designed a pcb with smd components, around the atmega328pb mcu. it uses an external 16mhz clock and has ...
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Bricked ATMEGA328PB by setting low fuse to 0xF5 - How to recover?

While programming an ATMEGA328PB via ISP, I wanted to set the efuse to 0xF5. By accident, I didn't write the efuse but the lfuse instead. Since then, I cannot communicate with the chip via ISP ...
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Puff of smoke in air. 3 different PCBs. PCB has ghosts?

Yes, that is a haiku.  (EDIT: fixed it... it is now actually a Haiku) No I'm not smiling. I'm doing some standard testing; seeing what happens when one of the two power rails gets shorted to GND on ...
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