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Automatic Transfer Switch, a switch that transfers a load between two sources under the control of a system that automatically executes the transfer when is has sensed that one of the sources has lost or gained power.

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DC 12V automatic power transfer system to supply Wi-Fi and ONU

I'm from Ukraine, so there are very few options to test something and get support. I need to power my Wi-Fi router and fiber optic modem when utility is down. It is available 4 hours by four down. Wi-...
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The current that an AC3 contactor can support

I am constructing an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for a diesel generator with a max current of 300 A. Now I already have an AC3 contactors with Ith = 100 A and I don't want to waste the money on ...
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Can switching between two unsynchronized sources cause problems for an average office building?

We have a 100kW 3Φ 208V generator and ATS operating in North America. The system as installed does not allow for a test where the load can be placed on generated power when utility is available. We ...
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Two electrical sources for one load

How can two electrical sources 220 volts feed one electrical load about 20 amperes where the first power source spends all its capacity and when required the remainder is taken from the second source?...
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UPS in front of an ATS for generator protection

At the countryside house there is this setup: And I am trying to protect the generator and house load from brief ~ 1s power outages like so: It works fine in normal conditions. Trouble is when I ...
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How long does it take for electricity to be considered OFF by general appliances?

I'm looking for an ATS (or DIY) to switch between my solar and grid power. I've seen some automatic ATS like here I've seen on youtube someone uses this model and his computer is switching between ...
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Generator ATS Without Relay

I going to make Generator ATS using arduino and don't want to use relays...Can I use mosfet in place of relays? ATS stands for Automatic Transfer Switch. My generator is 3KVA, and I want to drive ...
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How to select a home automatic circuit breaker?

A room contains electrical devices which has a max demand of 10A (may be more than that in the future). The mains cable from the electric panel (distribution board) is 4 mm2 which can handle current ...
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Automatic transfer switch VS Using a Reversing Contactor with Circuit Protection

We have a an industrial control system that utilizes a 480VAC 3 phase 10 Amp service. For redundancy reasons, we wanted to add an automatic transfer switch to the system to switch between two ...
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What supplies ATS control circuit when the mains fail?

In a church, I've seen a large generator and ATS panel (automatic transfer switch) so that the generator turns on when there is a failure in the mains. If there is no power in the mains, How does the ...
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