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Questions tagged [automation]

Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships or aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention

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1 answer

How do external circuits in light switching units (such as Lightwave RF) use the mains wiring for power?

LightwaveRF is a simple switching unit that contains additional circuitry to enable automatic wireless switching. The additional circuit is powered by the mains light switching circuit. This is my ...
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2 votes
2 answers

start a LTSpice simulation using code in MacOS

Help me please, I'm looking for the solution how to automate spice simulation with python on MacOS, currently, I'm thinking to use LTspice. However, I'm open to any proposal. I want to make ...
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3 answers

Controlling button press on key fob using microcontroller

I have a battery-powered fob remote, and I want to convert it from being operated via a manual button press to being controlled by a microcontroller. The fob looks like this: After making some ...
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Circuit for auto power off

I am looking for a circuit that can power off automatically after some time (i.e., ten minutes, but accuracy is not important here). When the circuit cuts the power, the power consumption should be as ...
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3 answers

RPM counter using 8051 microcontroller

I am building a RPM measurement unit using 8051 micro controller. I want to measure RPM of AC motor. I have connected proximity sensor to get the pulse for each turn. I have connected the proximity ...
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Bad GSM network automated testing

We are using a 2G modem controlled by an MCU in our device and we want to do an automated test routine that tests our firmware for bad mobile network scenario. How can we create a system where a ...
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2 answers

Automating the measurement of current consumption of an embedded system

I have two circuit board. 1.PCB for battery pack 2.Embedded PC with various modules. I was wondering if there could be an automated way of measuring current consumption by the embedded module during ...
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2-way DC motor control for greenhouse IoT application

Edit: After doing more research, it seems simply reversing the DC polarity would do the trick as explained here: This can be ...
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Automate Noise Sensitive Designs of SMD For 95% Sensitivity [closed]

I am thinking of automating my noise sensitive designs of high sensitivity in SMD: maintain 95% signal sensitivity by adjusting the factors (1-3) in the thread What is the best way to layout a PCB ...
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Transfering configuration to IEDs using IEC 61850

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but since I don't have much experience with IEC 61850 compliant devices, I am having trouble creating the "big picture" of how the whole system is being configured in ...
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