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Discrepancy between calculated and simulated cutoff frequencies of a bandpass filter

I'm trying to simulate a bandpass filter with the following components: C1 = 2 µF R1 = 100 Ω R2 = 10 kΩ C2 = 8 nF I calculated the cutoff frequencies using the following formulas: Low cutoff ...
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If greater potential energy is toward pos charge, then why PN energy band diagram show lower energy toward pos charge across depletion region?

If in an electric field, greater potential energy and voltage are toward the positive charge and away from negative charge, then why do PN energy band diagrams indicate lower energies toward the ...
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Are there two band contributions to diffusion current at the PN (diode) junction?

My question (I hope) is a simple one. Are there two components of diffusion current (valence band AND conduction band) contributing to the generation of the PN junction voltage? If so, do those ...
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What are the typical paths of holes and electrons in an unbiased PN junction?

Can anyone tell me the typical paths of holes and electrons in an unbiased PN junction at equilibrium? In terms of diffusion currents, is that only holes (majority carriers in the the P-Type) ...
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Question about the metal-semiconductor junction

I'm studying the metal-semiconductor junction on Muller-Kamins book. I have two questions. This is the band diagram of the metal-semiconductor junction in thermal equilibrium: In order to get this ...
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