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bearing ambiguity resolve (direction finding) for multiple sources

I am working on wideband direction finding algorithms for passive sensors. I started with Music algorithm. For practical reasons, the spacing can not be maintained lambda/2. For greater antenna ...
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How to utilize receive spacial beamforming to allocate beams to different transmitter?

Assume there are 2 Base Stations (BSs) each is equipped with \$M\$ antennas serving 1 User Terminal (UT) simultaneously. Say if the UT has 4\$\times\$4 Uniform Planar antenna array, which means it can ...
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Uniform circular array (UCA) beamforming using FFT

As far as I know, conventional beamforming using FFT can return a range-angle map. However, this only works with a uniform linear array (ULA). I'm wondering if the same approach works for UCA. I guess ...
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Converting beam index to angular units

Assume I have a MIMO channel matrix \$H\$ of dimension [\$N_r\$ \$N_t\$ \$N_f\$] where \$N_r\$ are the number of antennas at the receiver, \$N_t\$ the number of antennas at the transmitter, and \$N_f\$...
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Radius of footprint vs altitude: math equation

I want to compare footprint size/beam size of satellite and plot “radius of footprint vs. altitude” variation. ( my main reference( see above) is 3GPPTR38_821/Solutions for {NR} to support non-...
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Why does literature call the response of an antenna array the array "manifold" vector?

Van Trees' Optimum Array Processing and other works (e.g. Wikipedia) refer to an antenna array's response (shifts in phase and differences in gain due to the angle of reception) at each element as the ...
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How well time synced do channels in a phased array need to be to be coherent?

In order for a narrowband phased array to be coherent channel to channel, what is the maximum timing jitter that can be tolerated between channels? I assume there can be a constant timing error ...
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Calculating antenna beam footprint from frequency

I need to compute a beam footprint, but I know only the frequency of the beam. How can I compute the footptint?
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How to model MIMO channel matrix for numerical results

I am willing to include the channel matrix in my analytical model (which only includes pathloss and antenna gains). But from what I have seen, channel matrix can't be used to produce numerical results ...
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Phased array receiver circular polarization

In a phased array system, what will have to change in a receiver's architecture if it needs to work for both linear and circular polarization? I saw in one article it is said "Supports automatic ...
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