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bearing ambiguity resolve (direction finding) for multiple sources

I am working on wideband direction finding algorithms for passive sensors. I started with Music algorithm. For practical reasons, the spacing can not be maintained lambda/2. For greater antenna ...
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How to determine beamforming pattern?

I have a beamforming vector, which includes amplitude and phase information. How can I determine the corresponding beamforming pattern for the antenna and plot it in Matlab? For example, I have a ...
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How to utilize receive spacial beamforming to allocate beams to different transmitter?

Assume there are 2 Base Stations (BSs) each is equipped with \$M\$ antennas serving 1 User Terminal (UT) simultaneously. Say if the UT has 4\$\times\$4 Uniform Planar antenna array, which means it can ...
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Uniform circular array (UCA) beamforming using FFT

As far as I know, conventional beamforming using FFT can return a range-angle map. However, this only works with a uniform linear array (ULA). I'm wondering if the same approach works for UCA. I guess ...
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Radius of footprint vs altitude: math equation

I want to compare footprint size/beam size of satellite and plot “radius of footprint vs. altitude” variation. ( my main reference( see above) is 3GPPTR38_821/Solutions for {NR} to support non-...
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How well synced do digital channels in a phased array need to be?

In order for a narrowband phased array to be coherent channel to channel, what is the maximum timing jitter that can be tolerated between channels? I assume there can be a constant timing error ...
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Calculating antenna beam footprint from frequency

I need to compute a beam footprint, but I know only the frequency of the beam. How can I compute the footptint?
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How to model MIMO channel matrix for numerical results

I am willing to include the channel matrix in my analytical model (which only includes pathloss and antenna gains). But from what I have seen, channel matrix can't be used to produce numerical results ...
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Phased array receiver circular polarization

In a phased array system, what will have to change in a receiver's architecture if it needs to work for both linear and circular polarization? I saw in one article it is said "Supports automatic ...
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