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Trouble with filter using Laplace transfer function in LTSpice

I would like to introduce an ideal 5th-order Bessel filter to my simulation. My initial thought is to use a voltage-dependent voltage source and Laplace transform. I copied the Bessel filter ...
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4th order transfer function

I have a 4th order transfer function. Given transfer function is below. If given transfer function had been 2nd order transfer function, it would easily be factorization of transfer function like: ...
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Bessel filter: explicit calculus of the order of the filter

As it is well known Butterworth and Chebyshev filters have explicit ways of calculating the order, derived by its polynomials. For instance, for Butterworth filters: $$ n \geq \displaystyle \frac{\log\...
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Meaning of 'Bessel Filter'

Question I'll get straight to the narrow point ahead: I'd like an expert's opinion on the appropriate use of Bessel when considering a specific 4th order bandpass design. I don't mind a more general ...
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