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Need for double latch design boundary scan cell

The book System-on-Chip Test Architectures, Wang, mentions the need of double latch based design on boundary scan cell: The bidirectional buffer illustrates the need for the double-latched ...
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Is there a way to convert BSDL format to synthesizable verilog?

I have a BSDL file for a device for which I need to generate test patterns through an FPGA. I learnt that BSDL is a subset of VHDL but the file looks like it describes the hardware of the DUT. I know ...
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MSP432 Programming and boundary scan issues (4-Wire, 2-Wire and SWD)

I have reached a predicament. I have a production board with an MSP432 that will not program. To provide some context, I am using the XDS110 that is supplied with the MSP432 launchpad and am simply ...
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How can pin states be altered by using JTAG Instruction Codes?

There are several mandatory JTAG instructions to use for boundary scan. I have learned, we can change pin states of MCU or CPU by using that instructions. However, I could not find any detailed ...
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How to test Ethernet PHY's MDI interface through JTAG Boundary scan

We now use SCANWORKS Boundary Scan Tool from ASSET to make Ethernet SWITCH's manufacturing test. But in almost all PHY chips from broadcom corp, the MDI interfaces are "Linkage" bits. It means that ...
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Boundary scan - High speed interfaces

I was given the task to evaluate existing boundary scan systems. At this moment, we are using a simple solution which allows us to define boundary scan vectors which we can check. This is fine for ...
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Using JTAG to "explore" a board without damaging it?

I have one Amontec JTAGKey2 Generic USB JTAG cable interface. What I am looking for is some explanation of how to "explore" a device of which I don't know all exact details, but for which I have a ...
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JTAG boundary-scan test software to view and control pin states [closed]

What inexpensive or free tools could you recommend to view and control pin states via JTAG boundary-scan? I'm aware of full-featured boundary-scan products that cost tens of thousands of dollars and ...
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Boundary scan developer and testing tools

I have to choose a tool for production testing of fairly dense PCB's with 4+ FPGAs 10+ DSPs, ethernet controllers and PCI controllers.. Does anyone have any experience with any of the tools available ...
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